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Real-Time and Sweep Spectrum Analyzer

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Real-time and Sweep Spectrum Analyzers
Signal Generators

Signal Generators

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Licenses for RTSA-Suite PRO Software

Software Licenses

Software Licenses for RTSA-Suite PRO Software

Customer reviews:

The package arrived today and I am thrilled. Absolutely beautiful hardware with top usability. Everything works fine.
— G. H.
I would like to thank the Aaronia software team for their good work, such as the fast implementation of features or bugfixes.
— Uzi


High and low frequency measuring instruments from experts

AARONIA AG - Shop für Messgeräte, Antennen und Abschrimungen

AARONIA AG has been producing professional measuring instruments based on patented spectrum analysis processes since 2004. With the Spectran V5 series, the world's first and only handheld real-time spectrum analyzer came onto the market. Aaronia measuring instruments and antennas are already used 10000 times successfully in industry, research, laboratories and also by countless authorities.


AARTOS Drohnen-Erkennungssystem

AARTOS Drone Detection System

The AARTOS Drone Detection System has been installed more than 100 times worldwide. Developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany, AARTOS has expanded to one of the leading drone detection systems worldwide.

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