Aaronia SMA Quick Adapter

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The Aaronia SMA Quick Adapter allows for the quick connection of measurement devices, amplifiers or antennas with SMA connectors, for example the Aaronia HyperLOG, BicoLOG, MDF, UBBV and SPECTRAN series.

The Quick-Adapter makes switching antennas a matter of seconds. The screwing off and on the SMA connector is replaced by a simple push.

• Max. Frequency: 18GHz
• Length: 17,4mm
• Width: 10,3mm
• Color: Gold
• Connection: SMA Buchse (weiblich) / SMA Quick/Push-on (männlich)
Perfect for quickly swapping between antennas and for the easy connection of SMA cables or antennas to spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes etc.

Fits any Aaronia SMA cable and every OmniLOG antenna.

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