MagnoTRACKER / PowerLOG Tripod

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Tripod for Magnotracker & PowerLOG antennas
• Strongly recommended for use with Magnotracker & PowerLog antennas
• 3/8" tripod mount
• Incl. Adapter plate (only Twin Tube versions) for maximum stability
• Height adjustable
• High level of stability
• Maximum height of 1.57m
• Allows any rotation and swiveling
• Incl. Carrying bag with loops
Heavy tripod for Aaronia MagnoTRACKER antennas and Aaronia PowerLOG

Sturdy construction with high stability. Provides a stable handling of any MagnoTRACKER and PowerLOG antenna, even versions with extended tube expansion (eg, M8, M10 versions with 10 or more elements). Strongly recommended for optimal use of Magnotracker & PowerLOG antennas.

Maximum height: 1.57m
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Guarantee 2 Jahre
Included with delivery Tripod, Transport Bag

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