Omnidirectional / Biconical Antennas

Omnidirectional / Biconical Antennas

Price value and high precision

The biconical antennas of the BicoLOG® series are the answer to carry out inexpensive yet high-precision measurements in the frequency range from 20MHz upwards.
The "radial-isotropic" antennas are already delivered with typical, detailed calibration data to enable calibration on various measuring systems. The measuring antennas of the BicoLOG® series are very light and therefore, besides the use in the laboratory, also suitable for portable measuring instruments.

Series: Omnidirectional / Biconical Antennas






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  1. BicoLOG 5070
    BicoLOG 5070

    50MHz - 700MHz

    Excellent cost effective antenna for low frequency measurements. Perfect to cover the full radio & TV frequency band down to 50MHz including Tetra/BOS & ISM434.

  2. BicoLOG 30100
    BicoLOG 30100

    30MHz - 1GHz

    Same as BicoLOG 5070 but highly expanded frequency range incl. full EMC range from 30MHz to 1GHz. Perfect for cost effective EMC measurement.

  3. BicoLOG 20100
    BicoLOG 20100

    20MHz - 1GHz

    Same as BicoLOG 30100 but with expanded frequency range down to 20MHz to cover even most restrictive EMC standards.

  4. BicoLOG 20300
    BicoLOG 20300

    20MHz - 3GHz

    Same as BicoLOG 20100 but with highly expanded frequency range up to 3GHz for high EMC compliance standards. Worlds most compact EMC antenna with this performance.


4 Items

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