EMC Sniffer / Probes

EMC Sniffer / Probes

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  1. Probe Set PBS 2 (incl. Preamplifier)
    Probe Set PBS 2 (incl. Preamplifier)

    DC - 9GHz

    Active high performance E & H Near Field Probes incl. 40dB EMC RF preamplifier with wide frequency range up to 9GHz. High accuracy. Integrated probe tripod connection for perfect adjustment.

    On request
  2. Vibrationsensor GEO10
    Vibrationsensor GEO10

    4Hz - 1kHz

    Vibrationsensor & Geofon for NF-5030 Spectrum Analyzer. Very sensitive and wide frequency range down to 4Hz. Perfect for monitoring machinery vibrations.

  3. Active Differential Probe ADP1
    Active Differential Probe ADP1

    DC - 40MHz

    Expands the measurement range of the NF-5030 to 240V. A "must have" for any conductive measurement (DSL, power line, circuits etc.).

  4. RF Satellite Test Probe
    RF Satellite Test Probe

    5 - 2500MHz


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