HyperLOG® 7025X BPA (active + bypass)

LogPer direction finding antenna with high gain and low inherent noise

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• Compatible with any spectrum analyzer brand
• Design: ACTIVE directional logarithmic-periodic
• Frequency range: 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz
• Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
• VSWR: <1:2 (typ.)
• Gain: 26 dBi (typ.)
• Antenna factor: 23-34 dB/m
• RF connection: SMA (f) or N (see optional adapter)
• Tripod connection: 1/4"
• Ultra low-noise 22 dB preamplifier with special battery and power supply
• Calibration points: 181 (10MHz-steps)
• Dimensions (L/W/D): 340x200x25 mm
• Weight: 270g
The HyperLOG X BPA series has a variety of special features:

All HyperLOG X BPA antennas are equipped with an extremely low noise bypass preamplifier (typ. 1.4dB). This means they can be operated either with an active preamplifier with integrated rechargeable battery (runtime approx. 3-4 hours or permanently via an enclosed power supply) or as a passive antenna. This allows very weak to extremely strong signals to be measured without conversion. The gain of the antenna could be increased to over 27dBi (passive 5dBi). The new HyperLOG X BPA antennas are therefore probably the most universal LogPer DF antennas available on the market.

All HyperLOG X BPA antennas are equipped with a special adapter on which, among other things, the stock ball compass or similar can be mounted.

Calibration & Standards:
The logarithmic periodic antennas of the HyperLOG® 70xx X BPA antenna series are suitable for interference field strength measurements. The special broadband characteristics allow measurements in the entire specified frequency range without switching. The antennas are suitable for measurements according to the following standards and methods: CISPR, VDE, VG, EN 55011, EN 55013, EN 55015, EN 55022.

Scope of delivery:
HyperLOG 7025 X BPA, Typical calibration data, Aluminum design carrying case with foam inserts, Stable and screwable pistol grip with mini tripod function, Aaronia special SMA key, Preamplifier with special battery and power supply.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Dimensions 340x200x25 mm (L/W/D)
Antenna factor 23-34 dB/m
Design Logarithmic-periodic
Frequency range 700MHz - 2,5GHz
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 270 g
Gain (typ.) 26 dBi
RF connection SMA socket or N socket using an adapter
Calibration points 181 (10MHz-steps)
Included with delivery HyperLOG 7025X Antenna, Low Noise Preamplifier with integrated LiPo battery, Power Supply, Calibration data on EEprom (readout via USB), Typical calibration data with 211 calibration points on CD, Aluminum carrying case, Pistol grip with mini tripod funct
Nominal impedance 50 Ohms
Polarisation linear vertical/horizontal
Tripod connection 1/4"
VSWR (typ.) <1:2

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