LogPer Antennas

LogPer Antennas

Broadband LogPer Antennas HyperLOG® Series

Most of the professional broadband antennas available on the market today just have one disadvantage: They are extremely expensive. In contrast, Aaronia offers a very cost-effective alternative with their HyperLOG® series, still meeting even the highest expectations. They offer an exceptional mix of performance, functionality and design formerly unknown in this price category. Together with the HyperLOG® antennas, any regular spectrum analyser instantly becomes a professional RF measurement device with directional characteristics.

Series: LogPer Antennas



HyperLOG X

(active + bypass)


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  1. HyperLOG® 60350
    HyperLOG® 60350

    680MHz - 35GHz

    Ultimate LogPer antenna up to 35GHz. Unbeatable frequency coverage, high gain, compact size. Compatible to any Spectrum Analyzer.

  2. HyperLOG 30250
    HyperLOG 30250


    Ultra-Broadband LogPer Antenna up to 25GHz which covers Tetra/BOS, directional radio, miscellaneous satellite applications etc..


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