Broadband measurement antennas from 1Hz to 40GHz. EMC probe sets and vibrationsensors.

Aaronia antennas & probe sets offer an exceptional mix of performance, functionality and design formerly unknown in this price category. Together with the Aaronia antennas & sensors, any regular spectrum analyser instantly becomes a professional RF or EMC measurement device.

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  1. HyperLOG® 20300 EMI
    HyperLOG® 20300 EMI

    20MHz - 3GHz

    High performance EMC antenna

    Design LPDA Hybrid
    Active No
    Gain 8 dBi
    Connector N (f)
    Mount Tripod adapter
    Dimensions 130x117x59.5 cm
    Weight 4 kg

  2. Low-Loss Armored N-Cable, 20m
    Low-Loss Armored N-Cable, 20m

    High-grade, armored and waterproof cable with N-connector


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