PowerLOG PRO 30800

The ideal EMC/EMI antenna

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Double polarized wideband horn antenna

• Wide frequency range from 300 MHz - 8 GHz (calibrated up to 6GHz)
• Supports very high power levels up to 500W (CW)
• Constant field strength due to linear increasing gain
• High gain up to 14dBi
• Horizontal and vertical measurement without rebuild
• Delivery includes specific calibration data
• Perfectly suited for EMC measurements with spectrum analyzers
• Dimensions: 510 x 507 x 507 mm
• Weight: 8,8 kg
The double polarized quad-ridged horn antennas of the PowerLOG® PRO series are characterized by enormous broadband performance and very high transmission power.

The gain increases with higher frequency up to max. approx. 14 dBi and generates a constant field strength, quasi-independent of the frequency. This predestines the PowerLOG® PRO 30800 especially for EMI compliance tests, since the amplifier does not have to be readjusted depending on the frequency. This saves a considerable amount of calibration and measurement effort.

Another special feature of the PowerLOG® PRO 30800 is its two inputs. This allows a horizontally or a vertically polarized measurement to be made without the need for an error-prone reconfiguration of the antenna. The PowerLOG 30800 is suitable for both sending and receiving purposes. Due to the very high maximum transmit power of up to 500 W, the PowerLOG is particularly suitable for EMC or interference emission measurements. The antenna is supplied incl. comprehensive, specific calibration data.
More Information
Dimensions 510 x 507 x 507 mm (L/B/H)
Design Quad-ridged horn antenna
Frequency range 300MHz - 8GHz
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 8,8 kg
Gain (typ.) max. 14dBi
RF connection 2 x N (f) connections (H+V) or SMA connection via adapter
Included with delivery PowerLOG 30800, specific calibration data
Max. transmission power 500 W
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm
Polarisation H+V
VSWR (typ.) <1:2,5

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