Grounding KIT with alligator crimps

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Contains 2 special grounding bands (meshed wire) with alligator crimps (1x5m for wall socket connection & 1x5m for connection to radiator) for optimal grounding. Complies with VDE guidelines! • Material: Copper/Tin • Color: silver • Rot and frost proof • Very easy handling even for the amateur
We strongly recommend this EMC grounding kit for grounding all Aaronia screening products for conforming to applicable standards. Included in this package is a specially plaited grounding band with various installation accessories and detailed installation manual. This band should be connected to the Aaronia tissue at regular intervals, preferably near the base. The grounding band can be shortened on demand. It can also be extended by connecting several grounding kits using the attached eyelets. To ground the emc-screening, a ground wire needs to be connected to one end of the grounding band. The ground wire itself needs to be connected, in turn, to the potential equalisation.

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