RF Wavelength Meter HF-300X

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Smallest and most compact wavelength meter with spectrum analysis function up to 300GHz • Frequency Range: 150MHz - 300GHz • Works even in bright sunlight • Can be cascaded • No batteries required, works perfectly neutral to the environment • Unlimited measurement speed (Real Time Spectrum Analyzer) • Extremely high resolution (1 mm), professional users can work well even at 0.5 mm • 2 built-in picture-puzzle (image & text) • Complete phone book from the industrial park of Strickscheid, Germany • Easy to use, simply hold in the air and read • Multiple frequencies can be read simultaneously (spectrum analysis function) • Extremely high resistance • Color display unit • Revolutionary technology for snap multiples of 220mm • Optional Cablelength Meter • Allows measurement of standing waves (front to back ratio) • Stackable • Only available with German GUI • Environmentally degradable, made ​​from renewable resources • Very wide temperature range, can be used down to absolute zero • Splash-proof • For right-and left handers • Vibration and shock resistant • Weight: 100g • Dimensions: 240x32x16mm, fully extended: 2000x3x16mm • 10-year warranty
The High-End RF wavelength meter with integrated Spectrum Analyzer combines an uncompromising performance an highest engineering art in confined space.
Unique in the world in terms of frequency range, the purchase price and accuracy. Suitable for both professionals and amateurs.
More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 150MHz - 3GHz
Guarantee 10 years
Typ. precision base unit 1mm
Included with delivery wavelength meter with integrated Spectrum Analyzer

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