40dB EMC Preamp UBBV2

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Frequency Range 1 MHz to 10 GHz
Noise 3.5 dB (typ.)
Gain 40 dB (typ.)
Max. Input +15 dBm
Max. Output +15 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω
Connector IN SMA (f)
Connector OUT SMA (m)
Weight 146 g
Dimensions 81x61x29 mm
40dB external, super low-noise 40dB preamplifier

Enables maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals at a EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 EMC-test.

Frequency range: 1MHz-10GHz (500kHz with 3dB deviation)
Connectors: SMA (f), SMA (m)
Power: 7.4 V / 800 mAh LiPo akku pack

If you use the BicoLOG antennas or the PBS1 Probeset and EMC-Sniffer this amplifier is a MUST HAVE to get the best performance!

Already included in the EMC-Bundles 1, 2 and 3
More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 1MHz - 10GHz / 40dB Gain
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 300gr
Gain (typ.) "linear" falloff. 1MHz: 40dB; 3GHz: 37.5dB; 6GHz: 35dB; 8GHz: 25dB; 10GHz; 20dB
RF connection SMA
Included with delivery EMC preamplifier with internal battery, international power supply, Transportcase, SMA-Tool, SMA female/female adapter, USB Cable

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