100dB Shielding/Grounding mat (for single bed)

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Shielding/Grounding mat for single bed canopys (pyramid and rectangle canopys).

Made from Aaronia X-Dream® incl. professional grounding KIT.

Dimensions: 135 x 245 cm
To screen the floor area as well, special screening mats made from Aaronia X-Dream® have been developed. These can simply be put under the bed. That way, a complete, integrated screening system is established, achieving complete shielding even in the floor area.

Shielding the floor area is indispensable with nearly all types of floors, as RF radiation can permeate them virtually unaffected.

Two seperate grounding cables are included with the screening mat: One for connection to a radiator (heating appliance), and, in case no radiator is installed, a cable for direct connection to the wall socket's integrated grounding. Connection to the grounding mat is very easy by using a so-called "alligator crimp" attached to the grounding cable. That way, you achieve an optimal screening even against LF radiation / EMF.
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Shielding factor high-frequency fields: 70dB (99,999.99%) at 20GHz to over 110dB (99,999.999.999%) at 500MHz
Material thickness 0,5mm

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