20dB RF Shielding-Tissue A2000+ (50m²)

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• Breathable
• Rot resistant
• Frost-proof
• Foldable
• Paintable
• Usable in walls or concrete
• Replaces reinforcement fabric
• Very easy processing even for the novice
• Length per unit: 5m, 10m or 50m
• Width: 1m
• Thickness: 0,5mm
• Mesh size: ca. 5mm
• Colour: black
• Weight: approx. 200g/m2
• Screening material: Stainless steel
• Carrier material: Fiberglass
• Quality assurance: TÜV CERT according to ISO 9001
• Screening efficiency static fields: 99,5% to 99,95% (only WITH grounding!)
• Screening efficiency low-frequency, electric fields: 99,5% to 99,95% (only WITH grounding!)
• Screening efficiency radio frequency fields: 90% to 99% (even WITHOUT grounding!)
Aaronia EMC and RF screening tissue A2000+. Reduces rf electrosmog from mobile phones, microwave ovens, radar, transmission towers etc. by approx. 99%. Super-easy handling even for the novice. Foldable, strong, breathable. Also effective for low-frequency E-Field electrosmog caused by power lines, power cables etc. by approx. 99.9%.
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Lane width 1m
Weight approx. 200g/m²
Material thickness 0,5mm

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