USB Signal Generator BPSG6

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Frequency range 23.5 MHz - 6 GHz
Max. power +18 dBm
Min. power -45 dBm
Dynamic range ≤635 dB
Modulations AM, FM, PM
Connector SMA (m)
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 81x61x29 mm
Design Compact
Compact, cost-effective and portable (battery-powered) RF signal generator BPSG6 (23.5MHz - 6GHz).

• Frequency range: 23.5 MHz bis 6 GHz
• Up to +18dBm output power
• Smallest power level: -45dBm
• Up to 63dB dynamic range (depending on frequency)
• Frequency accuracy: 1Hz (<600MHz) and 20Hz (> 600MHz)
• Modulations: AM, FM, PM
• Onboard TCXO for very high frequency accuracy
• Can be connected to external reference clock for even higher accuracy (female SMA-connector)
• Onboard CPU and memory for intelligent self-running profiles
• Stand alone operation (no PC or USB connection required)
• Battery operation up to 4h
• Male SMA-connector
• USB connector for realtime PC control or for storing programs
• Incl. 12V power supply for continuous operation
• Can be operated from 12V Car and Truck power system
• Very small form factor, 80x50x30mm only
• Very lightweight, only 150gr incl. battery

The new signal generator series BPSG from Aaronia offer an unprecedented mix of performance, design and functions, especially in its price category.

• World smallest battery powered and intelligent stand alone RF generator up to 6GHz
• Generator can be programmed with simple or very complex batch programs which start automatically after every power on (e.g. generate a fixed frequency and level OR start a specific sweep etc. )
• Can be used as mini RF frequency and power level calibrator
More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 23.5Mz - 6GHz
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 150gr
RF connection SMA
Included with delivery BPSG6 Signal Generator with integrated battery, transport case, International Charger/Power Supply, SMA Tool, SMA to SMA adapter (female/female), USB-Cable, Control Software

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