Signal Generators

Signal Generators

AARONIA AG - Signal Generators

Aaronia presents the new, battery-powered signal generators of the BPSG series.
The BPSG generators offer precision generated RF signals for the testing of EMC-shielding and EMI/RFI measurements. Available in 4 different versions the generators cover frequency ranges from 23.5 MHz up to 6 GHz.

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  1. Omni-directional Field Generator OFG5070
    Omni-directional Field Generator OFG5070

    50Mz - 700MHz

    The perfect test stations or test transmitter for EMC measurements or the assessment of screening effects (eg shielded rooms or Screen chambers). Frequency range 50MHz to 700MHz.

  2. RF test-signal-transmitter OFG-30100E
    RF test-signal-transmitter OFG-30100E

    30Mz - 1GHz

    Higher output power and wider frequency range compared to the OFG 5070. Omni-directional Field Strength Generator. Frequency range 30MHz to 1GHz.

  3. RF test-signal-transmitter OFG30300
    RF test-signal-transmitter OFG30300

    30Mz - 3GHz

    Omni-directional RF Generator with high output power and largest available frequency coverage. Frequency range 30MHz to 3GHz.


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