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  1. Real-time EMC Bundle 1 (near-field)
    Real-time EMC Bundle 1 (near-field)

    10MHz - 6GHz (opt. 8GHz), u. from 9kHz

    Near-field measurement package to measure and locate sources of spurious radiation or monitor EMC problems at the component level.

  2. EMC Bundle 3 (near & far-field)
    EMC Bundle 3 (near & far-field)

    1Hz - 9,4GHz

    Perfect EMC Measurement Kit. Combines EMC Bundle 1 & EMC Bundle 2. Be perfectly equipped for any measurement challenges. Save expensive and time-consuming EMC laboratory costs.

  3. Site Survey Bundle 3
    Site Survey Bundle 3

    10MHz - 8GHz

    Mobile spectrum monitoring package for measuring and locating sources of interference or monitoring frequency bands up to 80 MHz.


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