SPECTRAN V6 X Powerbank

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26800mAh Powerbank for SPECTRAN® V6 X Analyzers

Note: No power supply or cable included. Please order separately if required (501/003). The included power supply unit of the SPECTRAN® V6 main unit can also be used for this purpose.
The Aaronia Powerbank with its 26800mAh allows a high runtime extension of the SPECTRAN® V6 with a laptop. The battery of the laptop is conserved because the SPECTRAN® V6 is only operated via the Powerbank. The Powerbank is specially designed for the SPECTRAN V6 and provides the required voltage and power, and up to two additional devices can be supplied via USB. Allows a runtime of the SPECTRAN V6 of up to 4-5 hours. Automatically locking and stackable on SPECTRAN® V6 devices, V6 powerbanks, RF-over-Fibre-converter-systems and 4-way splitter/combiner.

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