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Do you own a SPECTRAN® V6 from the X series? Here you can purchase additional features to optimize your device for new challenges.

Further, you can also purchase software licenses for RTSA Suite PRO to unlock more features you need for your project.

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Hardware Options

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  1. Stream Portal
    Stream Portal

    Offers a local machine stream IO (similar to the HTTP block) but is much more efficient.

  2. IQ Direction Power Spectrum
    IQ Direction Power Spectrum

    Adds an antenna rotation sync to the Spectra stream if the IsoLOG 3D DF antenna is running in chopper mode.

  3. Spectral Background Mask
    Spectral Background Mask

    Removes all spurios or any other signal from the spectrum to offer a perfect clean spectrum.

  4. GNSS Compass
    GNSS Compass

    Allows the usage of an external dual GNSS satellite navigation system.

  5. Tracking Generator
    Tracking Generator

    This block offers a powerful tracking generator, e.g. for rejection measurement of a DUT.

  6. Receiver Band Sequencer
    Receiver Band Sequencer

    This block works like a sweep block but jumps to the bands of interest and skips the unwanted frequencies instead, which shortens sweep time and safes display space or recording capacity.

  7. FPGA RAM Memory
    FPGA RAM Memory

    Allows to store a Tx pattern generator config file inside SPECTRAN® V6.

  8. IQ Power Statistics
    IQ Power Statistics

    This block generates measurement tables about complex RF power measurements, which can be exported as CSV, XML or JSON.

  9. Offline Map Integration
    Offline Map Integration

    Offline Map Functionality for RTSA-Suite PRO Software for a dedicated continent of choice (e.g. Europe)

  10. IQ DJI DroneID Decoder
    IQ DJI DroneID Decoder

    Decodes both the DroneID and the associated GPS data (position and altitude information) of the most commonly used protocols

  11. HiSLIP-SCPI Server
    HiSLIP-SCPI Server

    Controls the RTSA Suite PRO via SCPI commands.

  12. GPS Stream
    GPS Stream

    Extends an existing GPS Receiver to an accurate 10ns time server (NTP).

  13. GPS Disciplined Time Base
    GPS Disciplined Time Base

    Offers an extremely accurate time and frequency base (5ppb TCXO or 200ppt OCXO)

  14. Spectrum Multi Notch Filter
    Spectrum Multi Notch Filter

    Allows you to remove or to reduce single or multiple signals from the spectrum.

  15. Signal Strength Locator
    Signal Strength Locator

    This block creates an audio signal proportional to the signal strength. A map can be displayed to show the direction of the signal source.

  16. IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper
    IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper

    The IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper block decodes MAC, Vendor, SSID and Protocol of all WiFi channels and shows the interaction between the nets.

  17. RF Drive Test
    RF Drive Test

    The RF Drive Test block provides a powerful RF drive testing solution.

  18. IQ Pulse Inspector
    IQ Pulse Inspector

    Offers a fully automatic digital signal burst/pulse classification and demodulation/decoder.

  19. RF SP4T Switch
    RF SP4T Switch

    Allows the usage of an external USB-controlled RF SP4T Switch 1->4 or 4->1.

  20. Channel Power Measurement
    Channel Power Measurement

    Measures the power ratio between the configured main channel and the channels around it.

  21. Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzer
    Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzer

    Allows the usage of any Tektronix USB RSA series analyzer.

  22. V6 Sweep Generator
    V6 Sweep Generator

    Allows to easily control SPECTRAN V6 Signal Generator to sweep the entire frequency range 75MHz to 6GHz.

  23. NRQ6 Power Sensor
    NRQ6 Power Sensor

    Allows the controlling of an external NRQ6 PowerSensor.

  24. NRP-Z11 Power Sensor
    NRP-Z11 Power Sensor

    Allows the controlling of an external NRP-Z11 PowerSensor.

  25. Intermodulation Analyzer
    Intermodulation Analyzer

    Offers a real-time IP3 (TOI) measurement.

  26. Harmonics Analyzer
    Harmonics Analyzer

    Offers a real-time THD measurement.

  27. Short Burst Suppression Filter
    Short Burst Suppression Filter

    Allows the Suppression of very short Bursts automatically to ensure measurement quality.

  28. Frequency Range Follower
    Frequency Range Follower

    Supports multiple V6 Receiver in Sweep Mode

  29. HTTP Client
    HTTP Client

    HTTP access to a remote RTSA Suite PRO system (client)

  30. HTTP Server
    HTTP Server

    HTTP access to a remote RTSA Suite PRO system (server)

  31. GPS

    Allows the usage of an external Positioning System Device in RTSA-Suite PRO.

  32. Live Cam Bundle
    Live Cam Bundle

    Allows the usage of the system camera (PC internal or USB) in RTSA-Suite PRO.

  33. Multi Spectrum Zoom
    Multi Spectrum Zoom

    Allows the deep analysis of up to 8 defined frequency bands simultaneously in RTSA-Suite PRO.

  34. Multi Stream Logger
    Multi Stream Logger

    Multi Stream Logger Block allows to merge and store up to 16 streams (IQ and/or Spectra).

  35. Stream Multiplexer
    Stream Multiplexer

    Allows the multiplexing of up to 16 streams (IQ or Spectra) to one single output stream.

  36. Remote Config
    Remote Config

    Allows the controlling of a remote RTSA-Suite PRO system.

  37. Spectrum Reference
    Spectrum Reference

    Calculates the Delta between two Spectra streams.

  38. Spectrum Stitcher
    Spectrum Stitcher

    Allows to combine up to 8 Spectrum streams in one combined Spectrum View.

  39.  IQ Signal Generator QAM64
    IQ Signal Generator QAM64

    Allows IQ Modulation > 64 QAM signals (64, 256, 1024, 4096).

  40. 128k FFT
    128k FFT

    Allows a higher FFT size up to 128k.

  41. 1M FFT
    1M FFT

    Allows a higher FFT rate of up to 1,000,000.

  42. FFT Super Sample
    FFT Super Sample

    Allows a higher FFT Size up to 128k.

  43. Histogram 2k
    Histogram 2k

    Allows a higher Bins rate of up to 2,048.

  44. IQ Raster Image
    IQ Raster Image

    Convert any bitmap image to IQ data.

  45. Streaming Bundle
    Streaming Bundle

    RTSA software bundle

  46. Waterfall & Pulse Bundle
    Waterfall & Pulse Bundle

    RTSA software bundle

  47. Direction Finder Bundle
    Direction Finder Bundle

    RTSA software bundle

  48. Category & Channel Bundle
    Category & Channel Bundle

    RTSA software bundle

  49. 8 GHz Extension WiFi 6E
    8 GHz Extension WiFi 6E

    Frequency Extension WiFi 6E

  50. 120 MHz Real-time bandwidth
    120 MHz Real-time bandwidth

    120 MHz RTBW extension

  51. 245 MHz Real-time bandwidth
    245 MHz Real-time bandwidth

    245 MHz RTBW extension

  52. 120 MHz Vector Signal Generator TX
    120 MHz Vector Signal Generator TX

    Enables the vector signal generator for the RSA250X (120MHz Tx), incl. option 0120 RTBW extension to 120MHz real-time bandwidth Rx

  53. 245MHz Tx Expansion
    245MHz Tx Expansion

    Expand the Tx Data Rate to 245MHz.

  54. Internal preamp
    Internal preamp

    Internal preamp

  55. Internal GPS
    Internal GPS

    Internal GPS for SPECTRAN V6

  56. Extended Temperatur Range
    Extended Temperatur Range

    Increases the temperature range to -40°C to +75°C


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