SMA Cable 1m with mounting wrench

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NEW: 1m SMA cable with plastic screw aid / knurled nut

No fumbling anymore! You need no tool to screw/unscrew the SMA cable anymore.

The material is UV-, heat- and cold resistant and very flexible, but nevertheless it offers a bombproof mounting.
Technical details:
• Length: 1m
• Colour: Blue
• Outer diameter: 2,4mm
• Plug: 2 x SMA plug (male)
• Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
• Capacity: 95,8pF/m
• VSWR: max. 1:1,3 (6GHz)
• Damping 1GHz: 1,0dB
• Damping 2GHz: 1,5dB
• Damping 3GHz: 2,0dB
• Damping 6GHz: 3,0dB
• Max. power capacity: 275 W CW (400MHZ)

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