Remote Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer for outdoor use (IP66)

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Large IP66 certified spectrum anlayzer outdoorbox for 24/7 spectrum monitoring:

- SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzer with 730 GHz/s (1100 GHz/s) sweep speed
- Connectors: up to 4x Rx and 1x Tx - PC for remote data analysis / streaming and/or storage
- Internal 1TB memory for OS and 1 TB data storage (Spectra or IQ), extendable
- Flexible expandable, e.g RFoF, splitter, filter, ...
IP66 certified Outdoorbox large, incl. >SPECTRAN® V6 real-time spectrum analyzer and PC for remote data analysis / streaming and/or storage with extendable internal 1TB memory (up to 60 TB) for OS and data storage (Spectra or IQ). Perfectly suited for 24/7 spectrum monitoring.
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Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 10MHz-8GHz | 245MHz RTBW
Guarantee 2 years

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