12V 17.600mAh Powerbank

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Power Bank for SPECTRAN V4, V3 & NF Spectrum Analyzer, Aaronia Active Antennas, Aaronia Pre-amplifier, Aaronia Signal Generators and Aaronia GPS logger. 12V version with 17600mAh, incl. 12V (1A) output with 300mm cable (integrated Aaronia special DC connector) and 5V USB (2A) connector. Delivery incl. Bag. Strongly recommended for autonomic measurement! Extends the run-time of a SPECTRAN V4 by approx. 10-15 hours!
New super high capacity Power-Bank for our SPECTRAN spectrum analyzer, active antennas, RF generators and preamplifier series. The power bank works also as a HOT SWAP system because it also charges the internal battery of all units if connected. You can add the power bank to your belt by using the integrated metal clip or just put it in your pocket. The power bank offers a huge 17600mAh capacity and also offers 2 independent charge outputs, so you can charge 2 different devices at the same time. This version works with all SPECTRAN (except V5), active antennas and pre-amplifier and the coming RF generator. It expands the run-time of a regular V4 by about 10-15h. You can also plug the Aaronia USB 12V charger to the USB port, then you get an extra 12V output (e.g. to charge a pre-amplifier at the same time). The charge time with 2A USB (USB 3.0, power supply with USB/2A, car power charger with USB/2A) is only 10 hours. With a regular USB 2.0 (1A) it needs about 20 hours. Dimensions are 175x80x23mm (without clip and cable). Weight is 480g.
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Weight 480g

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