Low-Loss Armored N-Cable, 5m

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• Length: 5m
• Colour: metallic
• Outer diameter: 12mm
• Plug: 2 x N plug (male)
• Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
• Capacitance: 78.4pF/m
• Damping 1GHz: 0.15dB/m (0,75dB @ 5m)
• Damping 2GHz: 0,26dB/m (1,3dB @ 5m)
• Damping 3GHz: 0.35dB/m (1,75dB @ 5m)
• Damping 6GHz: 0.58dB/m (2,9dB @ 5m)
• Temperature range: -40°C to 86°C
• Weight: 1,2kg
• Warranty: 2 Years
This high-grade, armored and waterproof cable with N-connector can be used to connect Antennas with N connector (e.g. IsoLOG 3D, 3D Mobile or HyperLOG EMI) with Spectrum Analyzers offering an N input (e.g. Spectran XFR V5 PRO, Spectran RSA).

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