Meters & Analyzers

Meters & Analyzers

High quality measuring instruments - Made in Germany

Aaronia measuring instruments enable HF and EMV measurements at a spectacular price.

The detection of interference sources and their causes, the determination of frequency and signal strength, the measurement and evaluation of even the most complex limit values - all this is easily possible with Aaronia measuring instruments. All SPECTRAN´s are developed, manufactured and calibrated by Aaronia in Germany. This guarantees highest quality standards!

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  1. GPS Logger including Gyro / Tilt / Compass & Accelerometer
    GPS Logger including Gyro / Tilt / Compass & Accelerometer

    GPS-Logger with Gyro- & Tiltsensor, Compass and Accelerometer. Incl. PC Software. Fits on several Aaronia Antennas, also usable as standalone device. Compatible to Aaronia Spectrum Analyzers.

  2. N-Cable 3m
    N-Cable 3m
  3. N-Cable 10m
    N-Cable 10m
  4. Low-Loss Armored N-Cable, 10m
    Low-Loss Armored N-Cable, 10m

    High-grade, armored and waterproof cable with N-connector

  5. Aaronia SMA Quick Adapter
    Aaronia SMA Quick Adapter

    Adapter SMA male (quick) to SMA female. Frequency range DC to 18GHz.

  6. N to N Adapter
    N to N Adapter

    Adapter N-connector (female) to N-Connector (female)

  7. 20dB Attenuator
    20dB Attenuator

    Gleichmäßige Dämpfung von 20dB von DC bis 18GHz. Erweitert den Messbereich der SPECTRAN Geräte um +20dBm auf max. +33dBm.

  8. SMA Knurled Nut (10x)
    SMA Knurled Nut (10x)

    The perfect knurled nut for all SMA-cables and antennas with SMA-connectors. Quick and easy to use.


28 Items

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