Meters & Analyzers

Meters & Analyzers

High quality measuring instruments - Made in Germany

Aaronia spectrum analyzers enable HF and EMV measurements in real-time at a spectacular price.

The detection of interference sources and their causes, the determination of frequency and signal strength, the measurement and evaluation of even the most complex limit values - all this is easily possible with Aaronia measuring instruments. All SPECTRAN® series instruments are developed, manufactured and calibrated by Aaronia in Germany. This guarantees highest quality standards!

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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

Sweep Spectrum Analyzers




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  1. IQ Power Statistics
    IQ Power Statistics

    This block generates measurement tables about complex RF power measurements, which can be exported as CSV, XML or JSON.

  2. Channel Power Measurement
    Channel Power Measurement

    Measures the power ratio between the configured main channel and the channels around it.

  3. Intermodulation Analyzer
    Intermodulation Analyzer

    Offers a real-time IP3 (TOI) measurement.

  4. Harmonics Analyzer
    Harmonics Analyzer

    Offers a real-time THD measurement.

  5. Histogram 2k
    Histogram 2k

    Allows a higher Bins rate of up to 2,048.

  6. Waterfall & Pulse Bundle
    Waterfall & Pulse Bundle

    RTSA software bundle


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