USB power supply / charger 12V DC

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USB power supply/transformer 5V/12V DC for
- SPECTRAN® V4 Handheld
- SPECTRAN® V3 Handheld
- SPECTRAN® NF Handheld
- BPSG Signal Generators
- DFG field strength generators
- OFG field strength generators
- UBBV Preamplifier
- HyperLOG X (Active)
- BicoLOG X (Active)
- MDF X (Active)
- MagnoTracker
- IsoLOG 3D Mobile
- IsoLOG 3D Mobile PRO
USB to 12V charger for SPECTRAN® handheld analyzers, UBBV preamplifiers and HyperLOG/BicoLOG active antennas

The USB charger generates 12V from any USB port and has the proper charging port for the Spectran handheld spectrum analyzers and UBBV(X) amplifiers.

The charger can be used to charge all these devices at any USB port, which is a great advantage especially for measurements in the open field (charging at the laptop).

When used with SPECTRAN® HF/NF analyzers, the charger can only be used for charging, continuous mains operation is not possible. In contrast, continuous operation of the UBBV preamplifiers with the USB charger is possible since the power consumption of the UBBV is lower than that of the SPECTRAN®.

The dimensions are just the same as a normal USB cable, max output power is 12W.

Ideal for charging SPECTRAN® or UBBV preamp on laptop or PC.
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