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  1. GNSS Compass
    GNSS Compass

    Allows the usage of an external dual GNSS satellite navigation system.

    498,00 €
  2. Tracking Generator
    Tracking Generator

    This block offers a powerful tracking generator, e.g. for rejection measurement of a DUT.

    2 498,00 €
  3. Receiver Band Sequencer
    Receiver Band Sequencer

    This block works like a sweep block but jumps to the bands of interest and skips the unwanted frequencies instead, which shortens sweep time and safes display space or recording capacity.

    4 998,00 €
  4. Signal Strength Locator
    Signal Strength Locator

    This block creates an audio signal proportional to the signal strength.

    1 498,00 €
  5. IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper
    IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper

    The IQ WiFi Interaction Mapper block decodes MAC, Vendor, SSID and Protocol of all WiFi channels and shows the interaction between the nets.

    2 498,00 €
  6. RF Drive Test
    RF Drive Test

    The RF Drive Test block provides a powerful RF drive testing solution.

    14 998,00 €
  7. IQ Pulse Inspector
    IQ Pulse Inspector

    Offers a fully automatic digital signal burst/pulse classification and demodulation/decoder.

    24 998,00 €
  8. RF SP4T Switch
    RF SP4T Switch

    Allows the usage of an external USB-controlled RF SP4T Switch 1->4 or 4->1.

    498,00 €
  9. Channel Power Measurement
    Channel Power Measurement

    Measures the power ratio between the configured main channel and the channels around it.

    498,00 €
  10. Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzer
    Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzer

    Allows the usage of any Tektronix USB RSA series analyzer.

    2 498,00 €
  11. V6 Sweep Generator
    V6 Sweep Generator

    Allows to easily control SPECTRAN V6 Signal Generator to sweep the entire frequency range 75MHz to 6GHz.

    498,00 €
  12. NRQ6 Power Sensor
    NRQ6 Power Sensor

    Allows the controlling of an external NRQ6 PowerSensor.

    1 498,00 €
  13. NRP-Z11 Power Sensor
    NRP-Z11 Power Sensor

    Allows the controlling of an external NRP-Z11 PowerSensor.

    1 498,00 €
  14. Intermodulation Analyzer
    Intermodulation Analyzer

    Offers a real-time IP3 (TOI) measurement.

    498,00 €
  15. Harmonics Analyzer
    Harmonics Analyzer

    Offers a real-time THD measurement.

    498,00 €
  16. Short Burst Suppression Filter
    Short Burst Suppression Filter

    Allows the Suppression of very short Bursts automatically to ensure measurement quality.

    1 498,00 €
  17. Frequency Range Follower
    Frequency Range Follower

    Supports multiple V6 Receiver in Sweep Mode

    24 980,00 €
  18. HTTP Client
    HTTP Client

    HTTP access to a remote RTSA Suite PRO system (client)

    498,00 €
  19. HTTP Server
    HTTP Server

    HTTP access to a remote RTSA Suite PRO system (server)

    498,00 €
  20. GPS

    Allows the usage of an external Positioning System Device in RTSA-Suite PRO.

    498,00 €
  21. Multi Spectrum Zoom
    Multi Spectrum Zoom

    Allows the deep analysis of up to 8 defined frequency bands simultaneously in RTSA-Suite PRO.

    29 980,00 €
  22. Multi Stream Logger
    Multi Stream Logger

    Multi Stream Logger Block allows to merge and store up to 16 streams (IQ and/or Spectra).

    9 998,00 €
  23. Stream Multiplexer
    Stream Multiplexer

    Allows the multiplexing of up to 16 streams (IQ or Spectra) to one single output stream.

    998,00 €
  24. Remote Config
    Remote Config

    Allows the controlling of a remote RTSA-Suite PRO system.

    498,00 €
  25. Spectrum Reference
    Spectrum Reference

    Calculates the Delta between two Spectra streams.

    498,00 €
  26. Spectrum Stitcher
    Spectrum Stitcher

    Allows to combine up to 8 Spectrum streams in one combined Spectrum View.

    4 998,00 €

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