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Do you own a SPECTRAN® V6 from the X series? Here you can purchase additional features to optimize your device for new challenges.

Further, you can also purchase software licenses for RTSA Suite PRO to unlock more features you need for your project.

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  1. Stream Portal
    Stream Portal

    Offers a local machine stream IO (similar to the HTTP block) but is much more efficient.

    9 998,00 €
  2. IQ Direction Power Spectrum
    IQ Direction Power Spectrum

    Adds an antenna rotation sync to the Spectra stream if the IsoLOG 3D DF antenna is running in chopper mode.

    4 998,00 €
  3. Spectral Background Mask
    Spectral Background Mask

    Removes all spurios or any other signal from the spectrum to offer a perfect clean spectrum.

    9 998,00 €
  4. GNSS Compass
    GNSS Compass

    Allows the usage of an external dual GNSS satellite navigation system.

    498,00 €
  5. Tracking Generator
    Tracking Generator

    This block offers a powerful tracking generator, e.g. for rejection measurement of a DUT.

    2 498,00 €
  6. Receiver Band Sequencer
    Receiver Band Sequencer

    This block works like a sweep block but jumps to the bands of interest and skips the unwanted frequencies instead, which shortens sweep time and safes display space or recording capacity.

    4 998,00 €
  7. FPGA RAM Memory
    FPGA RAM Memory

    Allows to store a Tx pattern generator config file inside SPECTRAN® V6.

    298,00 €

7 Items

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