Analyseurs en temps réel

Analyseurs en temps réel

Aaronia's revolutionary new SPECTRAN V6® Series

With the new SPECTRAN V6® series, Aaronia once again brings an exceptionally powerful spectrum analyzer to the market. The interaction of the unique spectrum analysis software RTSA-Suite PRO* with the different form factors handles all imaginable measurement scenarios.
* Basic version incl. features worth 7.782,- € already included free of charge.

For already purchased devices, hardware features can be added later and the software can be extended depending on the application area.

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    10MHz-8GHz | 245MHz RTBW

    Remote Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer for outdoor use (IP66)

    Receiver 1
    Rx 1 Rx / 2 Rx / 4 Rx
    Tx 1 Tx
    Rx RTBW 160/245 MHz
    Tx RTBW 120/245 MHz
    IQ POI 15/10 ns
    Sweep 730/1100 GHz/s
    Network 2 x 10 GbE
    Processor 16 Core
    RAM 64 GB / 128 GB
    SSD 1 TB / 30 TB
    Design Remote IP66

    19 998,00 €
  2. RF Drive Test
    RF Drive Test

    The RF Drive Test block provides a powerful RF drive testing solution.

    14 998,00 €
  3. Direction Finder Bundle
    Direction Finder Bundle

    RTSA software bundle

    19 980,00 €

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