Transparent Shielding-Foil Aaronia SHIELD TF 1m² (1,83 x 0,55m)

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  • Highest quality shielding product
  • Optical transparency ≥75 VLT
  • Shielding effectiveness (SE) of ≥32 dB
    (frequency range from 10 MHz to 26 GHz)
  • Standards/Compliance: ASTM D4935 & IEEE Std 299
    (previously MIL STD 285)
  • Patented technology
Aaronia SHIELD TF supplies windows with an invisible electrically conductive coating. It can easily be retrofitted in existing constructions or be integrated as interlayer in laminated glazing to reduce radiation intensity in living and working spaces.

Shielding applications include:

  • Hospitals (shielding of NMR, EMG and EEG equipment)
  • Shielding of development laboratories in industry
  • Data security of computers
  • Shielding of executive rooms (prevents spying by microphones or electronic bugs outside the building)
  • Shielding against stray electromagnetic radiation

Scope of delivery: 1m² (1,83 x 0,55m) transparent shielding foil
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Largura 1,83m
Factor de amortecimento 32dB
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