Aaronia SMA cable 0,3m with tightening nuts

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This SMA cable is used e.g. for inexpensive connection between the Aaronia HyperLOG or BicoLOG EMC antennas and an Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analyzer. Ideal at high frequencies due to the extremely low attenuation. Two screw aids facilitate the screwing of the cable to the necessary SMA connectors.
Technical details:
• Length: 0,3m
• Colour: Copper
• Outer diameter: 2.4mm
• Plug: 2 x SMA plug (male)
• Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
• Capacity: 95,8pF/m
• VSWR: max. 1:1,3 (6GHz)
• Damping 1GHz: 1,0dB
• Damping 2GHz: 1,5dB
• Damping 3GHz: 2,0dB
• Damping 6GHz: 3,0dB
• Max. power capacity: 275 W CW (400MHZ)
• Two screwing aids
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