IsoLOG 3D Antenna Array

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  • Worlds first 20MHz to 20GHz 3D Tracking-antenna
  • Perfect for wideband, real-time spectrum monitoring
  • Ultra high Tracking-Accuracy (up to 4x16 sectors)
  • Very high IP3 of 40dBm (versions without pre-amp)
  • Extremely fast Tracking-Speed (up to 1µS)
  • Glitch free high-end digital RF-switches
  • Up to 64 independent RF-Antennas
  • Cascadable system (16 to 64 antennas)
  • Power over Ethernet Remote-Control
  • Suitable for vehicle mounting
  • Incl. Control Software
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • 2 years warranty

IsoLOG 3D - DF Antenna Array

Aaronia´s new 3D RF Tracking Antenna IsoLOG 3D includes a high density, customizable sector array. Additionally 8 or 16 specialized low frequency Antennas can be added to extend the frequency range down to 20MHz. In total up to 64 independent Antennas can be equipped.

IsoLOG Versions

  • IsoLog 3D 80
    8 sectors with 16 antennas | Frequency range: 400 MHz to 8 GHz | Tracking accuracy (line-of-sight): 4 to 6°
  • IsoLog 3D 160
    16 sectors with 32 antennas | Frequency range: 400 MHz to 8 GHz | Tracking accuracy (line-of-sight): 1 to 3°
  • IsoLog 3D 80-UWB
    8 sectors with 24 antennas | Frequency range: 20 MHz to 8 GHz | Tracking accuracy (line-of-sight): 4 to 6°
  • IsoLog 3D 160-UWB
    16 sectors with 48 antennas | Frequency range: 20 MHz to 8 GHz | Tracking accuracy (line-of-sight): 1 to 3°

The antennas and the electronic is protected by a included radom which can be ordered in any color and optional prints. The radom is watertight, shock- and heat-proofed to widthstand even hardest conditions.

With the "auto rotate-switch function" it can be used for any Spectrum Analyzer. The perfect solution for counter-surveillance measurements or drone-detection-systems (unmanned air vehicle). The wide frequency range eliminates the need of various antenna set ups to save space and system cost. This makes it usable for mounting on vehicles (e.g. drive test cars etc.) and for hidden operations.

Looking like a satellite dish for camping vans the antenna is not recognized as a tracking antenna. The IsoLOG 3D is sensitive to the majority of incoming signal polarizations including all linear polarizations, allowing reliable detection of signals including those invisible to most DF systems that use only vertically polarized antennas. The antenna needs a power source and an Ethernet connection for easy integration and control over any existing network.

A powerful control software is included for free, for operation on Windows systems. The control software allows various tracking and selection setups, e.g. sweep all antennas horizontal, vertical, switch all in one sector etc. This makes it the perfect tool to track signals in no time. The integrated switch array uses high-end digital switches instead of common RF-relays, which offers a ultra-high switching speed and a garanteed lifetime operation, even at 24/7 operation.

More Information
País de produção Alemanha
Faixa de frequência 20MHz - 20GHz
Garantia 2 years
Peso 22-25kg
Ganha (tip.) 25
Conexão RF N (female), SMA / BNC or others upon request
Fornecimento DF Antenna Array IsoLOG 3D, Control Software (on USB Stick), Ethernet Cables and Power Cable
Potência máxima de transmissão 1W
Impedância normal 50 Ohm
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