Shipping & Delivery


Express Saver
Germany from 9,95 EUR from 19,95 EUR
Europe from 11,40 EUR from 22,70 EUR
Worldwide - from 41,55 EUR


  • The delivery time for Standard Shipping is: Germany: 3–4 workdays, Europe: 4–8 workdays, International: 1–5 weeks
  • The delivery time for Express Saver is: Germany: 2 workdays, Europe: 2–3 workdays, International: 4–6 workdays

  • There is no minimum order value.
  • When paying with "Cash on delivery" (only possible in Germany), there is an additional fee of 2,- EUR that has to be paid to the company handling the delivery.
  • All Prices in EUR excluding tax.
  • There might be additional fees and/or customs fees applied for deliveries outside the EU.
  • Attention: The shipping cost of an order may change depending on the size and weight! Podem aplicar-se direitos aduaneiros de montante desconhecido. As mercadorias enviadas não estão seguradas como padrão.