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Cabo N de 3m

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This high-grade, waterproof cable with N-connector can be used to connect Antennas with N connector (e.g. IsoLOG 3D, 3D Mobile or HyperLOG EMI) with Spectrum Analyzers offering an N input (e.g. Spectran XFR V5 PRO, Spectran RSA).
• Comprimento: 3m
• Cor: azul
• Diâmentro do cabo: 10,8mm
• Conector: 2 x conectores N (m)
• Impedância normal: 50 Ohm
• Capacidade: 96,4pF/m
• VSWR: max. 1,15:1 (6GHz)
• Amortecimento 1GHz: 1,25dB
• Amortecimento 2GHz: 1,8dB
• Amortecimento 3GHz: 2,25dB
• Amortecimento 6GHz: 3,4dB
• Desempenho maximal: 540W (1GHz)
• Faixa de temperatura: -40°C até 105°C
• Garantía: 2 anos
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