OmniLOG PRO 7030-H

High power transmit & receive antenna

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• Frequency range: 700 MHz - 3 GHz
• 100 W max (CW) @ 2400MHz transmitting and receiving antenna
• Omnidirectional
• Magnetic base
• Cost effective
• Fits any spectrum analyzer

Application examples:
• Omnidirectional high power measurement applications
• Ensure interference-free mobile communication
• Interference hunting
The new OmniLOG PRO series consists of an ultra-wideband and cost-effective receive antenna (1 W [CW]) on the one hand, and a 100 W high-power transmit & receive antenna (100 W [CW]) on the other hand.
Thus, these broadband antennas are excellently suited for radial isotropic measurements, interference search or frequency monitoring, if necessary including countermeasures in conference rooms. Depending on the type, they cover all RF sources from VHF to K-band (for example, radio and TV, mobile communications, DECT, Bluetooth and WLAN, etc.).

Each OmniLOG PRO is equipped with a high-tech antenna housing suitable for outdoor use (IP65 certified) as protection against environmental influences. The magnetic antenna base allows temporary fixed installation, for example on the car roof. The antenna undergoes rigorous testing in our laboratories before shipment. This guarantees the highest quality standards, through which Aaronia can offer every customer a full 2-year warranty on all antennas.
More Information
Dimensõestest Ø 8,4 x H 9,6 (incl. magnetic base + cable)
Comprimento do cabo 3,5 m
Faixa de frequência 700MHz - 3GHz | 100W
Garantia 2 years
Peso 0,6 kg
Conexão RF SMA (m)
Fornecimento OmniLOG PRO 7030-H, magnetic base, connection cable with SMA(m) connector
Impedância normal 50 Ohm
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