RTSA-Suite PRO software licenses

In addition to the already FREE basic features* with a total value of 7.782,- € you can purchase additional top software features here.

* Already included for free in the basic version of RTSA-Suite PRO:
32K FFT Feature (498,- €) | HTTP Server (1 included 498,- €) | HTTP Client (1 included 498,- €) | Filewriter/-reader (4.550,- €) | AM/FM Demodulator (1.240,- €) | V6 Sweep Zoom (498,- €)

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  1. IQ Direction Power Spectrum
    IQ Direction Power Spectrum

    Adds an antenna rotation sync to the Spectra stream if the IsoLOG 3D DF antenna is running in chopper mode.

  2. IQ Pulse Inspector
    IQ Pulse Inspector

    Offers a fully automatic digital signal burst/pulse classification and demodulation/decoder.

  3. 128k FFT
    128k FFT

    Allows a higher FFT size up to 128k.

  4. 1M FFT
    1M FFT

    Allows a higher FFT rate of up to 1,000,000.

  5. FFT Super Sample
    FFT Super Sample

    Allows a higher FFT Size up to 128k.

  6. IQ Raster Image
    IQ Raster Image

    Convert any bitmap image to IQ data.

  7. FPGA RAM Memory
    FPGA RAM Memory

    Allows to store a Tx pattern generator config file inside SPECTRAN® V6.


7 Items

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