Low Noise Preamp UBBV 0910

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- A "must have" for EMC measurements
- Extremely low noise
- Amplification of very weak signals
- Boosts any antennas gain
- Compensation of negative antenna gain
- Incl. 7.4 V / 800 mAh LiPo akku pack

High-End RF Preamplifier up to 6GHz. Works with any brand of Spectrum Analyzers and directly fits to any SPECTRAN. Broadband sensitivity increase by up to 30dB.

The UBBV 0910 can be used anywhere a high gain, low noise amp is called for; digging out those weak shortwave signals or putting new life into that analyzer. Newly designed microwave chips enable the UBBV 0910 to have gain up to 10GHz although we only spec the UBBV 0910 to 6GHz. The UBBV 0910 is the ideal general purpose RF amp with extremely low noise that you'll wonder how you got along without. Another advantage of the UBBV 0910 is the very long battery run-time of up to 25 hours!

Enables maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals. Highly recommended for EMC and Pre-Compliance tests like EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc.. A "must have" to get the maximum performance out of any SPECTRAN unit.

Made in Germany:
All UBBV 0910 Preamplifier are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany in the Aaronia factory.
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País de produção Alemanha
Faixa de frequência 9kHz - 6GHz / 22dB Gain
Garantia 2 anos
Peso 300gr
Conexão RF SMA
Fornecimento Pré-amplificador EMC com um accumulador integrado, mala de transporte, adaptor de alimentação internacional, ferramenta SMA, cabo USB, conector SMA
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