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Two separate systems, each with: • Intel i5 4200U with 1.6 GHz (2 cores / 4 threads) • 4GB DDR3 (1600MHz) RAM • 320GB SATA • 1x USB 3.0 hub at the front of the housing • 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 hub at the back • 1x HDMI port • 1x VGA / DVI connector • 1x stereo audio output back • 1x MIC input back • Separate on-off switch • 2x Ethernet (4x total) In addition: • Fan, the system is passive cooled • two- or single-monitor solution (with switch on request) • Can be used as a monitor stand. • 12V operating voltage • Can be powered by 12V car / truck output • Dual RF shield between PC1 and PC2 • 19 "rack-size, one height unit Other configurations (i7 CPU / RAM / SSD) on demand!
The system is designed for companies that require a strict separation between internal and external networks. Instead of two bulky computers to use, we offer a compact, high-performance (i5 / i7) solution in the form of safe PCs. This consists of two separate computers that are housed in a 19 "rack enclosure (1U). The Safe-PC is passively cooled, so there is no fan-failure risk and at the same time requires less maintenance because normally no dust removal is necessary. In addition, the system is at a lower voltage (12V) operation, to avoid the risk of 110 / 220V systems. Both computers have a separate on-off switch and each offer a USB 3.0 port on the housing front for fast data exchange at.
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